Arctic Solar

The first solar-powered Arctic voyage

The French sailor Anne Quéméré – who has already rowed twice across the Atlantic alone and without assistance – discovered the icy landscape of the North Pole during an expedition to Greenland in 2010. After seeing the devastating effects of global warming and getting to know the local population, she decided to tell the world in her own way.

Therefore, she is currently preparing to traverse the Northwest Passage, a famous route that connects the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, from Baffin Bay to the Beaufort Sea.

The odyssey is fraught with risks and pitfalls over its 3,500-kilometre length. The first person to complete the crossing was the Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen, back in 1906, after a voyage that took three years! The route can only be sailed during the Arctic summer, which is when the ice melts.

Quéméré, who is from Brittany, plans to set sail for the same hostile environment in 2018. She will leave Tuktoyaktuk (northwest Canada) in a futuristic boat propelled by an electric motor that is powered exclusively and independently by solar energy, before reaching Pond Inlet in northeast Canada.

“My aim is to optimise the sun’s resources on a long and difficult journey, while moving away from the constraints of pollution and solar disturbances,” she explains.

The project has the operation name of Arctic Solar, and as GREEN AXXE is always on the lookout for high-tech and “low-carbon” initiatives we were instantly won over by the explorer’s personality.

The media potential of this new venture (technological, ecological, human and sporting endeavour) is obvious. Especially since Quéméré’s reputation is well known: she already has two books to her name (including one that won an award in Brittany in 2016) and an established presence on social media.

Thanks to GREEN AXXE (her main sponsor), she is associated with the best technical experts in the business (the Marée Haute shipyard in Trégunc, CSME in Switzerland and Torqeedo in Germany), and we plan to assist her on every step of her journey to the North Pole.