DUSC Solar Car

A solar-powered car designed by students at Durham University

Founded in 2002 by a handful of students across multiple disciplines, the DUEM (Durham University Electric Motorsport) team has built a solar-powered car, which has competed in several international competitions.

The Durham University Solar Car weighs 200kg and can reach a speed of 120km/h. It has entered the WSC (World Solar Challenge), an endurance race that brings together 50 solar-powered vehicles every summer in the Australian outback to compete in a rally over 3000 kilometres between Darwin and Adelaide.

Along with other prestigious partners like Jaguar Land Rover, DUEM has chosen GREEN AXXE as its main sponsor for the DUCS, which encompasses electromobility, technological performance and renewable energy. GREEN AXXE has therefore decided to invest in these compassionate researchers and their futuristic vehicle.